As a pastor of Endless Blessings Church,
I answer to the Prophetess of Endless
I must “seek the Lord daily” and follow
the directions of the Lord with
confirmation from those in authority over
I must study to rightly divide the Word of
God, prepare sermons for services,
teachings for the bible studies and train
the body of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads.
I have the responsibility of checking up
on the sheep in this fold, to hold them
accountable to God’s Word.
I participate in nursing home, hospital
and prison visits or programs.
Counsel as necessary.
I advise the Prophetess concerning hiring
and/or setting people into church
positions as required.
I keep a log of all counseling sessions,
church visits and review it with the
Prophetess when asked.
I assure that all services run smoothly
and am ready to preach with only a
minutes notice.
I spend at least one hour in prayer each
I spend at least one hour in personal
Bible study each day. I attend every
service possible.
I assist each department head and
volunteer as needed.
I am involved with the ministry of helps
which cleans and organizes the church
facilities, assisting with food preparation
for church events and giving rides to
people as needed.
My duties at Endless Blessings Church
will hold the highest priority in my
schedule. I must plan ahead to have
someone fill in for me, at my own
expense, if I need to be absent from my
If you have any questions about our services or how we can
help you achieve your spiritual goals, please contact us today!

Laying in a state of
paralysis on
several occasions
forced me  to
examine my life.
My eyes were able
to move, I still had
a working mouth
and my mind
seemed to race
without any
Hello, my name is
During this self-
examination, I
cried out for help
and got none. Now
what? When all
else fails………..
PRAY!  ….and…..
Bargain with God!
Now, imagine what
He is thinking;
here I am,
paralyzed, calling
on The Lord
God…. “If you will
do this for me...”,
“I will do this for
you, God.”
As I lay plea-
bargaining, with
the Lord, my life
started to pass
before me. How
sad that I wasn’t
able to tell every
person in my life
how truly I loved
them all. The four
questions of life
were immediately
upon me……..Who
am I? What am I
doing here?
Where did I come
from?  Where am I
going when I die?  
No one knows
“exactly” how long
he will be here; or
our loved ones, as
well as the fact
That Jesus says
“Surely I come
Personally, no
longer can I
ignore Jesus’
Commission. As
God Himself wants
that “None should
I personally want
to take this time to
tell you “Thank-
you” and “I love
you.” Our Lord
and Savior Jesus
Christ has placed
a desire on my
heart to share
with you love,
peace, joy,
goodness, faith,
gentleness and
While undergoing
many years of
illness, mainly
caused by carbon
poisoning, God
formed, shaped,
and molded me
into where I am
Rochester Mayo
Clinic repeatedly
echoed, “There is
no medical reason
for you to be
Testimonies are to
encouragement to
others. Only
because of God
Almighty, I stand
totally debt free
and healthier than
I ever have felt in
my life. The
purpose of my life
is to share with
you, the most
loving, extreme,
testimonies that
you have ever
witnessed. As a
soon to be
ordained minister
I will once again
be able to access
jails, prisons,
centers and other
restricted areas.
Endless Blessings
Ministries has
been started as an
enhancement for
those already in a
church, a refuge
for the un-
churched, a
bridge for those in
transition, and an
educational place
for the truth. As a
servant and Christ’
s Ambassador, I
ask “Is there
anything that we
can do for you?”
Our phone is 218-
TELL GOD our goal
is to see that
every individual
may receive
through the love
and knowledge of
our Savior.
We already are
preparing to build
an extremely
blessed facility
that will supply the
needs for
thousands. I
personally look
forward to
continued service
through LePage
Beauty Salon and
wherever else the
Lord favors us.

Carmen Dorothy
Adams is my given
name from my
mother Marybelle
(deceased) Adams
of Hines,
Minnesota, and my
father Leo Herman
Adams. I was born
at St. Peter,
Minnesota on
April 26, 1958.
Formerly married
to William James
Parks of Solway.
George A. Zaleski
is my husband. To
be in "God’s
Perfect Will"
comes many
grievous times as
learning takes
place. My learning
process of much
"2 x 4 ministry"
has been very
effective. My
husband George
is my best friend,
prayer warrior,

Blessings to you,
from Endless
Blessings Church
in Blackduck MN.
Hello, my name is
George Zaleski
and I am known as
‘Mr. Practical’. I
seem to be able to
get to the bottom
line in whatever
situation I find
myself in. I’m the
one who is able to
get things done
around here. I
look forward to
serving you.

September 29, 2007 The Lord reminds Carmen in a
Word of Knowledge the passage of Numbers 12:6 "IF
continues to speak to Carmen and warn her of how
subtle the evil ones are by trying to encourage people
to believe that God is not holding everything in His
Power. Many believe that what we eat is stronger than
God and can have a higher power than God. The Lord
also tells Carmen that many people do not have a
strong enough faith to believe that God is using
prophets and prophetesses to be His servants.

September 28, 2007 God shows Carmen in a dream to
use "Bigger Bait" to catch "Bigger Fish" God shows
Carmen to hold onto the bait, simply drag it through
the "Living Water" and catch bigger fish.

September 29, 2007
We are given a dream on Sept. 26, 2007 after asking
the Lord about an investment with another couple.

Jeremiah 33:3 says "ASK ME AND I WILL TELL YOU
The dream has two little children come onto a piece of
property who are each carrying their collection of
broken bottles, rusty run over cans, busted glass, and
rusty cans. They politely ask to pick up all of the trash
on the piece of property; not knowing that it is
worthless. You can tell that they have already been
through the neighborhood by what they are carrying.
The children are very innocent and do not know that
what they are carrying is junk, and has no value to
them. The piece of property that we are standing on
belongs to God.

Word of Knowledge "Don't put all your tomatoes in one

September 24, 2007
God showed me to buy a bouquet of roses for a
specific person (Wanda) within a dream that was
given to me Sept. 14, at about 6:15 a.m. The ministry
obeyed God. At 6:45 a.m. it was learned that Wanda
quit smoking an hour or so before that.

September 23, 2007
The Lord God showed a dream of the Holy Spirit
being able to work through the television. God shows
me in a large room with many others watching the
Spirit literally work right through the screen as we are
learning about Jesus Christ. As I am moved by the
Spirit, the tears fall from my face. "PRAISE GOD"
escapes from my lips and is supernaturally amplified.
A man turns toward me, looking at me, and stands up.
God speaks "THIS IS DWIGHT WARDEN" Several
pastors together along with EVERYONE in that room
dances and marches through Blackduck filled with the
Holy Spirit. (I am also told in an audible voice STEVE
and another pastor's first name as they are the first to
stand up and follow Dwight.)God shows all of the
people are dancing, singing, and marching. Everyone
follows the lead of Dwight as a processional. The line
is very long as we march behind Dwight. Dwight
marches us around a banquet table where we can get
fed. As we continue to march, Carmen sees she is
carrying peeled, hard boiled eggs. (Symbolically) the
Lord shows a group of people clustered together as
(Carmen is holding them.) One of the Women say, "I
want to go to 20th Street where I used to live." She is
granted permission by Dwight Warden saying "go
ahead." The woman takes some of the cluster of hard
boiled eggs from  Carmen and asks "what do I do?"
Carmen shows her while shouting out
this woman learns how to march and we all march on
still in unison.

September 22, 2007
"COMMITMENT" is given to me in knowledge to be
added to the list of
Words from God on the Endless
Blessings brochure. Some of the other WORDS are:
"SYNERGY"        (working together)
"EUCHARIST"    (for the Body of Christ)
"CATHOLICISM"    (universal)

September 21, 2007
"Lucille Ball and Alvin Schmidt"
Lucille Ball and her brother have been previously
given to me about a year ago. We lift them up in
prayer as they have started a museum for their
parents in New York. We believe that they will be used
in our ministry somehow and someday.

September 18, 2007
Almost everyday, I will say to the Lord... "play ball!" I
ALWAYS know where I stand with God because He
will give me correction and instruction by the use of
the rules in a ball game. Sometimes the Lord will tell
me that other ministries as well as some people, are
like a "football game" and are having a little trouble
I see that there are a few people checking this
page and I will do my best to start updating at
least once a week. My desire is to post daily as
God has told me we will reach "the world." God
has told me to pray for everyone who He sends
to this web-site shortly after it was established.
As soon as I rise from bed, and before I enter bed
in the evening, everyone is prayed for who has
entered into this website. God's Endless
Blessings to you

During a dream, Jesus appeared to me from behind a
podium and we are facing each other. There is
another Person behind another podium also facing
me. The Holy Spirit within me speaks to Jesus and
 Jesus replies to me
"REMEMBER THE ARTICLES." In knowledge I know
the 3 Articles from Luther's Small Catechism. "The
Creed" The 1st Article is Creation. I believe in God the
Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.
The 2nd Article is Redemption. I believe in Jesus
Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by
the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, suffered under
The 3rd Article is Sanctification.

(this page is still under construction)
Contact us:
1-218-TELL GOD
Since the age of about 4 years of age, Carmen has been Gifted with Audibly
hearing God's Voice, hearing the Messages delivered by Angels in an
audible voice, and continuously sees signs and wonders.
The manifestation of the Spirit has been experienced in Carmen as the gifts
of healing, the word of knowledge,the word of wisdom, faith, working of
miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, divers kinds of tongues, and
interpretation of tongues, to profit each other. (1 Corinthians 12: 7-12)
Everyone needs a reliable
spiritual partner.  Someone
who is in touch with God on a
daily bases. As Carmen's
husband, I can tell you without
reservations that Carmen has
a relationship with God that
very few of us could even hope
to have.  I have seen God
inform Carmen of coming
events that happened right
before my eyes.  I have never
seen someone with such a
close walk with the Savior.  
God the Father has truly
spoiled His daughter Carmen.
Never Ending Blessings
Contact Us
181 Main Street South
Blackduck, Minnesota 56630

Phone 218-TELL GOD
January 2006
No one knows how long he or she has
here on earth. Nor do we know how
long our loved ones will live. But the
fact is, Jesus says, “Surely I come
I can no longer ignore Jesus’ warning,
as God Himself wants that, “none
should perish!”
The Mayo Clinic in Rochester
repeatedly echoed, “There is no
medical reason for you to be alive.”   
Testimonies are to give
encouragement to others. Only
because of God Almighty, I stand
totally debt free and healthier than I
ever have felt in my life. The purpose
of my life is to share with you the most
loving, extreme, incredible testimonies
that you have ever witnessed. As a
soon to be ordained minister (through
Gospel Crusade Ministerial
Fellowship), I will once again be able to
access jails, prisons, hospitals,
psychiatric centers and other restricted
areas in Jesus’ Name.
Endless Blessings Ministries was
started as an enhancement for those
already in a ministry, a refuge for the
un-churched, a bridge for those in
transition, and a place of Bible
education. As a servant and Christ’s
Ambassador, I ask, “Is there anything
that we can do for you?”  Our goal is to
see that every individual may receive
love and knowledge of our Savior.
We believe that Endless Blessings
Ministries will supply the needs for
thousands. I personally look forward to
continued service to our community
and world through whatever means we
are given as the Lord favors us.       
Carmen (Parks) Zaleski
218 – TELL GOD
Rev. Robert Roach is currently serving
as a spiritual and organizational
advisor to the Endless Blessings
Ministries and its partners. Robert has
served for more than 25 years as an
ordained Presbyterian minister, serving
churches in Iowa, Minnesota, South
Dakota and Florida. He is also
credentialed through Gospel Crusade
Ministry Fellowship. He has a love for
teaching and science, and describes
himself as a “lifelong learner.” He is a
licensed middle school science teacher
(FL) and certified career counselor. His
current ministry assignments also
include assisting Gerald Derstine at
the Strawberry Lake Christian Retreat
and the School of Ministry at the
Tenstrike Community Church.
The Lord bless you and keep you, The
Lord make His face to shine upon you
and be gracious unto you, The Lord lift
up His Countenance  upon you, and
give you peace!

We beli
eve our part in the Body of Christ is
simply OBEDIENCE and submission to
however the Lord chooses to use us. The
Lord has sent us to many church pastors and
ministers throughout the United States with
messages of correction, instruction, and
hope. Almost every place the Lord God sent
us, we never knew these Christians, nor
anything about them. God gives an exact
message...and we deliver it.