But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
Meekness, temperance: against such there
is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23
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Here is our eHarmony Story:
  I met my wife, Carmen, on eHarmony.com. Here is our story.  

  I had been married three times before I met Carmen, and each
time to a woman whom I should never have married.  My last was
a 25 year marriage that ended in divorce. I was ready to remain
single the rest of my life.  It wasn’t until a heart to heart talk with
my pastor revealed that I was biblically free to get remarried if I
wanted to. The ministry I was involved in has only about 75
people in it and so the pool of potential mates to choose from
was very tiny.  My pastor asked me to investigate the use of
eHarmony as a tool for finding potential mates.  After much
prayer, I made my decision.
  On March 13th of 2005, I thoughtfully filled out the eHarmony
profile and paid the dues. The service searched the whole USA
and found only five matches which were immediately shown on
my computer screen.  I scanned each match to see who was
shorter than I. But everyone was taller than I.  The shortest match
was the third, Carmen.
  Our correspondent was almost instant. We each were working
online but thousands of miles apart. I was able to respond to
each question within an hour of it being sent, and her replies
were just as fast. We went into open communications the
following day. We each wanted to hear the others voice and so
soon we were on the phone. Since Carmen was operating
businesses, and I did not have a ‘job’, I was the one who drove
from Arizona to Minnesota so we could meet. We met at her
business on March 20th 2005. At first we did not know what to
say to each other, but soon I found myself unable to stop talking
with her.
Carmen is my ‘twin’! We think SOooo much alike.  We like the
same foods and laugh at the same dumb jokes.  She acts just
like I do. When her bottom lip sticks out, I know what’s wrong
because she feels exactly like I feel.  When I have a taste for a
certain food, I can be sure that she has the same desire and at
the same time.
eHarmony may have eliminated 99.8 % of the possible matches,
but this woman is a one-in-a-million person.  Sometimes it is
unbelievable how well matched we are.  I am truly blessed and
privileged to have met and married Carmen. eHarmony must
have had some help here because this is a match made in
Heaven. I have found my soul mate. We are living happily ever

  Twice I was engaged to be married and twice the Lord God
audibly spoke to me and said “When you are ready to marry,
your husband will pass away”. Both engagements were
immediately cancelled as the fear of an exchange to be married
for the exchange of a life. The Lord God not only gave prophesy,
but also an accurate vision of my husband walking into a room
that I could not identify. Once in this room, my husband would
have a massive heart attack; seemingly quick and painless, and
die.  My husband would be found lying on the floor dead,
according to the Word and Vision of God.
In December of 2003, 10 years after the date that I thought we
were divorced, my search for a Christian husband began on
eHarmony. I cried when it came back with “No-one in the world to
match up with me.” Being a Beauty Salon owner,  my clients
continually sympathized with me as I tearfully would say…”No, no-
one yet!” Winter turned into spring and spring into summer. As I
became busier and busier, I checked my eHarmony less often
until I actually forgot my password. There were 14 weddings that
summer and early autumn. I once again started pining for a
husband. Many available men were asking and even pleading for
my hand in marriage and I was afraid to say yes after what the
Lord had spoken and shown me. No-one religiously seemed to
even come close to what I desired in a husband. Most men that I
dated would tell me “You should marry a minister!”  “I am so
ready to be married” I would tell my clients, “But I don’t know to
August was extremely busy with weddings booked in the beauty
salon and one of my clients whom also had been divorced
insisted that I attend a grieving class for widowed, divorced and
separated. This client insisted that I would benefit the entire
group as they had all become very depressed reliving the
memories that they thought were distant to them. After much
hesitation and prayer, I felt that I should go in and rescue these
people from their own emotions and encourage and teach them
a positive way of handling themselves. The group was on the 3rd
session of a 10 week class; meeting every Wednesday. I knew
immediately that God had sent me to uplift and encourage. This
was a very rewarding experience, also a good place to meet
singles I thought. After only attending 1 meeting, a question of
whether or not I was legally divorced arose at an attorney’s office
while addressing another issue. The attorney whom questioned
my divorce was one of three different lawyers to question the
legality of my divorce as I was divorced within 1 day.
 I too became just as emotionally unbalanced as others admitted
they were in the grieving class! Here I am attending a grieving
class, and do not even know if the divorce is legal or not! Not
only am I all confused about the marital status, I am also
wondering should we reconcile? There has never been a time in
my life that I felt more ready and worthy to marry than right now!
The second week into the grieving class brought more confusion
than the first; after 5 days in prayer with another Christian friend
praying and asking God if I should reconcile; telephonic word
was received that the man I had been married to had passed
away exactly as prophesied and in the vision given by the Lord. “I
killed him” I exclaimed, the Lord told me “When you are ready to
marry, your husband will pass away.” I truly felt responsible since
I had wanted to be married more than anything in the whole world.
Weeks passed by through the grieving class and no-one wanted
to talk about my experience there. It was easy for me to
recognize several things here. First the Lord watched over me by
getting me into a class even before my husband’s passing.
Secondly, I did not kill him, but truly had become ready for
marriage with all my heart and soul, knowing that I had totally
forgiven myself and him. Third, because God came first, and my
husband and I second, I would have re-married him or reconciled
if we were still legally married. Lastly, but equally important, I was
free to re-marry without any guilt since he passed away.
The grieving class ended, friends were made, and we found out
that three more levels were available! Maybe one of these single
men could be for me yet, I thought.
By December of 2004, again eHarmony seemed to be the place
to be; certainly with all the advertising the memberships must
have grown enough to be able to match someone, somewhere
with myself.
One Sunday in church, the minister told me “I am going to pray
for you to get a Christian husband!” “Is that o.k.?” he meekly
asked. The minister explained why it was important for me as a
single woman to be married. My permission was given to the
minister to pray for me. “Yes. “That is very sweet, and thank-you.”
was my reply. The conversation brought me back into prayer for
a husband and the thought of eHarmony again filled my head.
The following Sunday, I told the minister that I once again joined
eHarmony. “Good” was all he said with a big smile.
A few weeks later another minister came into the building where I
work. After a nice conversation, he headed for the exit door.
Abruptly, this man turned to me and boldly said “I am going to
pray for you to get a Christian husband” “Is that o.k.?” he boldly
asked. The hair from the back of my neck all the way down to my
feet stood right up on end. “Wow!” “Looks as if I’ll be getting a
husband soon, (I said) The Bible promises where two or more
are gathered in His name, the Lord will answer, you are the
second minister, and this is definitely the Fruit of the Holy Spirit!”
The next couple of weeks also brought forth a Chaplain, a
Missionary and me into prayer for a Christian husband, again all
unexpected. I started prophesying that I would be getting married
soon; it was impossible that so many “men of the cloth” could all
come together at once. Whenever I mentioned eHarmony to
anyone the reaction was always “good!”
During my 3 month membership, many matches came from
eHarmony, prayer was always first. “Lord, unless you want this
person to be useful in my life, please do not allow them get to
open communication with me” I’d pray. Out of all the matches that
came through, only two were allowed into open communication;
George, whom I married, and another man who never wrote.
George and I matched on March 13, 2005 and we were able to
both quickly respond to each others questions as we were both
working on our computers. My immediate thoughts of George
were; that he was a persistent nuisance. I was trying to get a loan
approved and anytime that I checked my e-mail there was an
eHarmony message with George attached to it. I was very busy
that day and I did not want any interference.
George A. Zaleski….Sounds like an old fashioned name, I
thought… A. is probably Alexander? Well let’s see what he looks
like….hmm, no picture yet. Maybe this time I should not even
look at the person, maybe there really is something to this stuff
about falling in love from the inside out…no flesh, just our
souls/spirits…I like that idea.
I read and re-read the personality profile of George until it was
very familiar to me. George's profile really matched my own
profile. We shared our must haves and can’t stands with again
finding no major differences. Within a few days we were anxious
to talk telephonically with one another to see if the other was
really as good of a Christian as they professed to be or not.
Would my Father God Almighty lead me into something that
would endanger me? Is my flesh so weak that I am not hearing
God’s voice and allowing Him to direct my footsteps? Am I going
too quickly? Is this the man the ministers prayed for? Dear Lord,
hear my prayers. I am very afraid and have no mother or father
living; there are hardly any members in my family that will even
talk to me.  I totally give myself to You Lord; to do good and not
allow any evil to overpower me.
George soon asked if he could come up and see if we were a
suitable match, there seemed to be nothing left unsaid between
us. I immediately went to my pastor for counsel and covering.
The pastor seemed very happy that his prayer request for me
may be answered.
George had asked me many personal questions about wearing
dresses, perfume and the color of my hair. I truly felt like a
woman. He had told me that he was very Biblically minded and
would take off the first year of marriage (as in Deuteronomy) and
get to know his wife and be her servant. George also made clear
that he is a Numbers, chapter 30 man; the man is the head of the
household. I was told that I would be held like a bird in his hand;
not tightly, but with the assurance of safety and that I may fly away
at anytime without being confined. (This deeply moved me.) He
assured me that not only would he open the car door for me; but
would also buckle my seat belt making absolute sure that there
was no mistake of it coming off to protect and honor what he
treasured and loved. (I cried.) Finally it was made clear that the
rules of Courting vs. Dating applied. No kissing until marriage.
It was almost midnight when George arrived in Minnesota from
Phoenix, Arizona. We had been matched only 10 days ago, it
already seemed like years. This was his very first time into
Minnesota, and Easter was only a few days away. We decided
to give our First-fruits of our love to God and meet at church; this
did not work since George drove like a maniac all day and night
getting here in 31 hours with only a 45 minute nap on the way! I
prayed much through this 31 hour period for the Lord to keep
Him safe and surrounded by Angels as to not let any deer run out
in front of his car. As George pulled into the parking lot there
were 3 deer in it; George testified that he never even saw a deer
until my parking lot.
We started our relationship by going to Maundy Thursday church
Services as well as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We were
given ample time to talk in the car as the services were half an
hours drive away. George was everything that he promised and
much more. We tested the spirits surrounding us constantly to
see if this was a match from Heaven or our earthly desire of just
wanting to be married. With every question that arose we asked
God in prayer. George A. Zaleski proposed to me after only 3
short days.
After only another 5 days we agreed to meet with the pastor of
my church to seek a blessing to marry. George felt that if the
minister saw that if we were not spiritually right for each other that
he would leave. Without having a father, mother, or family to give
blessing to me, I went to my minister as my covering. By the 5th
day, we had already received so many confirmations and
affirmations from God that we went out and got a ring and
decided to ask the minister to marry us after church on Sunday.  
George was looking for a formal church wedding with all the
trimmings of a cake, photographer, wedding reception and a
honeymoon trip to Israel.
Another 2 days passed; being the 10th day since George arrived
here and we decided to go and get married. I am not sure how
much was our flesh and how much was the Spirit of God moving
us into the desires of our hearts. After many affirmations from the
Lord, I had begged for a final solid affirmation and was given 3
sets of numbers 155, 401, and 411. The numbers 155 were in
reference to the day that I actually joined eHarmony, Jan. 05,
2005. I will confirm the other two dates later. One of the numbers
came with a terrible warning of death/danger.
It was Friday morning on the first day of April when we decided
to just fly/go out somewhere and get married. George asked me
“If you were going to get married as fast as you could, where
would you go?” My answer was South Dakota or Las Vegas.
George started to search the Hotels in that area as well as
checking the laws on marriage to see what the Application for
Marriage License required. We found out that in order to get
married we needed the certified copies of our divorce decrees.
George tried to get one from the Phoenix Courthouse and was
told that it could take up to 10 days.
“The Lord does not want us to go west” I told George. “Let’s try
east”. We searched every state bordering us and did not have
the documents that we needed to give the courthouse or a
Justice of the Peace. “South” I told George, “Try South”!
After absolutely no chance of going to any bordering state
around us and Canada to the north of us, we decided to look at
the Minnesota regulations again. It was either Minnesota, drive
2000 miles back to Arizona, or wait.
The day was very nice and I was doing a clients hair in the
beauty salon. “Get the 5 day waiting period waived!” she said, “I
did, back 45 years ago. My husband came in on a leave when
we got married”. As my client was leaving, we all met up in the
hallway and eagerly discussed the possibility of having the 5 day
waiting period waived. George had discovered it on the
computer at the same time that I was going to go tell him about
the waiver. Excitedly, I looked at my appointment book and saw
that my afternoon had just opened up due to cancellations. We
decided to quick drive to the courthouse and at least get an
Application for Marriage and start the 5 day clock ticking.
We arrived at the courthouse mid afternoon and got an
Application for Marriage along with the waiver. The Clerk of
Court was not sure if the judge would stamp the request or not
since she thought we were given the wrong form. “There is no
place to fill out your reason for an emergency to marry” she said.
Neither one of us had eaten and was quite hungry. “Let’s find a
little soup and sandwich restaurant” George said. “Then if the
minister can’t marry us Sunday; the Clerk of Court gave me a
card with the phone numbers giving two separate Justice of the
Peace we can call.” A cell phone call was placed to one of them
requesting some simple information.
As we were finishing our lunch, the Clerk called and said “The
judge has stamped your waiver, you can get married now AND
the Justice of the Peace is waiting here to marry you.” George
immediately blurted out “I did not tell him to marry us now! My
fiancé is in a black dress and it is April Fools day!” “I would not
do that,” he told me. “Really, I did not tell him to marry us NOW!”.
“George, God has his fingerprints all over this!” YOU WANTED
MEMORIES, This is something that no-one could possibly
forget!” “But, we don’t even have witnesses.” As soon as this
was spoken out of my mouth, the Lord told me whom he had
chosen for one of our witnesses. As we were walking into the
courthouse the Lord again called out the name of our witness.
“The Lord has set up our wedding!” I told George. “We don’t
have two witnesses though; don’t we need to have two?”   As we
walked into the courthouse and met with the Justice of the
Peace, the witness to whom the Lord called walked in the door.
(He had come in 6 weeks early to pay his property taxes.) As I
was asking this man to stand up for us at our ceremony, a clerk
behind the counter begged to also witness our wedding; the
same Justice of the Peace was going to marry her in June.
After we all walked outside and George and I were united in Holy
Matrimony on a sunny April 1st, 2005. The Justice of the Peace
is a very experienced Gideon and the wedding could not have
had a more perfect and beautiful bringing of two people together.
I am eternally grateful and humble to God for this union and am
so glad the Lord used eHarmony as our intercessor.
It has been exactly 4 months, (in a few hours) and we have
already been accepted by the presbyter of the Assemblies of
God to start a church in the 7600’ building where we live. God
has given us Blessing after Blessing already. During this past 4
months we drove out to the state of Washington and back,
bought a house, sold a 17 acre piece of farmland, accepted on
option from the Mn. Fisheries to sell another piece of property,
opened and closed doors to legal matters, inherited a massive
greenhouse and nursery stock to sell, started a store on e-bay,
manage an existing store and beauty salon, met with all
necessary ministers and became acknowledged as a church
under the covering of two local churches, started a weekly Bible
Study group, a Friday Night Christian Karaoke, opened our
home to 8 people in the missionary field for two months, and
believe to have conceived also.
The final numbers given by God of 401 was the day He brought
us into marriage; April 1st. The date of 411 that was received
with warning was a date that a friend of ours called and told us
that her mother had a brain aneurysm; the friend was positive
that the warning was for her since her favorite number is 4 and
her husband’s 11. She called us on April 11th with the news.
I would recommend and strongly encourage every person to use
the service of eHarmony and not trust your flesh; I myself have
already made that mistake. Why waste precious time when you
can do it right the first time and be blessed too! In Christ’s
perfect Love,
                                                         George and Carmen Zaleski

P.S. As of today, we have been married nearly 21 months. We
did mis-carry the baby. The Lord has given us several dreams
and visions of a family with the possibility of multiple births. We
eagerly await God's Perfect Plan for us
Never Ending Blessings