Our Mission:
Our mission is to do whatever
God wants us to do. We desire
to act Christ-like being filled
with the fruit of the Spirit and
Gifts of the Spirit. For as long as
there is breath in our bodies; we
want to tell people "God loves
them." We desire to carry out the
gave saying:
"Go and teach ALL nations,
baptising them in the name of
the Father and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit. Teaching them
to observe ALL things
whatsoever I have commanded
you: and remember that I am
with you alway, even unto the
end of the world. Amen

In an audible Voice from God He
said to Carmen.....
We use the proceeds from our
sales to pay for expenses such
as our daily radio programming
on KKBJ 103.7, web-sites,
television, internet, telephones,
literature, education, Bibles,
transportation to those in need,
food shelf and much more!
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As of January 2007 our store has about 150 items which range
from Doll Heads to frying pans. Most of the items are Doll related
while an increasing amount of collectibles have been added. And
Nick-knacks are also making an appearance.
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Please note that the more costly items will come with a tax
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Messages from God;

1962 "Be Still!" "Like a bear is attacking you" "Be Still!"
I was being suffocated by an adult trying to kill me. I was not quite 4 years

"Carmen Adams" "Carmen Dorothy Adams"
I was just confirmed. My mother asked me to go and check out the piece
of property that she had just purchased. God called my name, I started to
run home to tell mother when Denny picked me up in his convertible.
Denny brought my confirmation present to me. We told mother and I was
chastised for not saying "Here I am Lord!" This is the exact piece of
property that my family is litigating against me today. (action started 33
years later)  

May 2001
"When you are ready to marry, Your husband will pass away"
My husband was living with a woman in Osseo, Minnesota. We thought
we were legally divorced. Gary Krings of Ely, Minnesota asked for me to
marry him, and God gave this audible message and showed a vision of
my husband dying. God gave me knowledge that it was a painless heart
attack. God gave me the knowledge that he would be dead before he hit
the floor. Three years and 3 months later this Word was fulfilled.

August 2001
"When you are ready to marry, Your husband will pass
Steven Meyers of Menahga, Minnesota and also of Naples, Florida asked
for me to marry him, and God gave this audible message and showed a
vision of my husband dying. God gave me knowledge that it was a
painless heart attack. God gave me the knowledge that he would be dead
before he hit the floor. My mother and I discussed this in depth. Mother
had cried out to the Lord nearly 40 years before with a similar testimony.

December 2001
"After you have a sale, Your mother will pass away"
I was a passenger in a car riding through Nashville, Tennessee. I told the
driver Steven Meyers who was also one of the men that asked me to
marry him. God has miraculously allowed  Steven to be healed from a fast
growing deadly aggressive cancer. Steven got to witness the events of my
mothers and husbands death exactly as the Lord said.
I was on my way to Florida when God delivered this message to us. We
received a phone call 3 months later at the exact time we were having a
rummage sale. Mother passed away after the sale. God opened up the
windows and doors of heaven to allow me to see what happened before
she passed. God sent 200 angels to minister to my mother while she
was being prepared for death. God sent 100 of those same angels to
minister to me for 8 hours as I was driving back home for her funeral.
Never have I heard anything more beautiful than these angels. God
allowed me to hear all 200 angels while understanding all of the different
angels too. The angels sang in many languages. I could understand
every language at the exact time and individually discern every voice as it
came forth from every angel! I drew pictures as I was driving down the
road. God allowed me to have all my thoughts given to my mother as I
interceded for her while she lay dying. God allowed all of her conversation
to Him, to be totally opened up to me. God allowed me to see all of the
events happening in my mothers room while she was passing.
August 2004, The 3rd lawyer told me that I was not legally divorced; just 5
days before my husband died. We cried out to the Lord in corporate prayer
and asked for permission to tell my husband to come back home. We
continued to cry out and pray to the Lord daily as God told us there would
be a death of someone very close to me. Within hours of turning
everything over to the Lord, my husband passed away exactly as the Lord
God showed us and told us. I believe that my husband went into that
small room and confessed and repented as we were also doing....with
our whole heart.

(In the grocery store check-out line, after mother passed away)
"Pay very
close (special) attention to this lady. She is very important to you.
I was crying out to the Lord about the circumstances surrounding my
mothers death. Knowing that the entire Bible is the infallible Word of God,
I pressed into Jeremiah 33:3. This lady, Vonnie Wernberg of Blackduck,
Minnesota was standing in front of me in the check out line of the store.
Vonnie Wernberg was my mothers caregiver before mother died. Mother
told her information that she had not shared with anyone else. Mother told
Vonnie Wernberg that she had given the farm to her daughter (Carmen)
God reveals everything!

"Not a judgement"
"Bird Flu"
I received a vision of what the virus looked like and drew it. I saw the exact
type of virus later on television, exactly as I journaled it.

2005 (The morning of deposition, family bringing litigation against me,
over mother's property)
"I love you"
The morning of the deposition, the Lord spoke to me in a Heavenly
language. I was given knowledge by Him "I love you" and it audibly came
out of my mouth by the Spirit Himself. My entire life changed as a veil got
lifted from me in the spiritual understanding.

October 19, 2005
 "The Cedars of Lebanon are piled up."
"Judgement is upon us...The last days like Jericho!"

November 30, 2005 The Lord God gently called Carmen three
times...three very soft rings as if by a telephone ring.  
"We are the riches
of Gods.' " (We are Gods' riches)
Endless Blessings Welcomes you
"The Eye of the Duck"

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